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Trend On Point: Statement Florals

Inspired by the flora and fauna of nature, dramatic and moody florals are the latest in statement-making home decor.

Rich and sumptuous florals with their gorgeous color palettes and thrilling textures are perfect for getting maximalist inspiration for your own space. To start, we recommend picking a statement piece to design your room around—a piece of furniture like a credenza or a set of bar stools. If you want to simply try out this trend or slowly introduce it into your home décor, try small home accessories such as a few decorative throw pillows or an acrylic serving tray. Art prints are also a great option as you can move them from room to room as your mood changes.

Of course, a lovely pairing with your floral furnishings are live plants, as greenery looks great with literally everything! We love the houseplant and succulent selection at

Whether you like beautiful bouquets or flourishing foliage, our top picks got you covered:

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