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Totally Chic and Modern Pumpkin Design Ideas for Next-Level Fall Decor

Modern Pumpkin Decor

If you’re looking to update your home for the fall season, you can’t go wrong with pumpkins. Pumpkins are always a great go-to for fall decorating- the autumn season wouldn't be the same without them. However, displaying the same basic orange pumpkin year after year can get a bit old. Luckily, pumpkins are incredibly versatile- you can update them by using different colors, textures, materials and unique themes. Check out our curated list below for inspo on updated and chic ways to decorate with pumpkins this fall.

Fresh white and pretty pastel pumpkins

Pastel Pumpkins

A light and airy way to decorate with pumpkins is to look for shades of white, blush and light sage green. These colors are very on trend this season and look stunning alongside greenery and house plants. It's great because it still gives you a harvest feel without the traditional bright orange dominating the decor scheme. Another unexpected touch is to use stencils and paint a letter or a picture, like the tree silhouette pumpkin seen above.

Intricate mandala pumpkins

Mandala Pumpkin

Another brilliant idea for pumpkin decorating? Painting pens. Better yet, GOLD paint pens. Metallic paint turns pumpkins into dazzling pieces that catches the eye of anyone walking past. Any metallic hue will look sleek and modern, and adding an intricate mandala design will make it a show-stopper. Layering the metallic mandala over white chalk paint creates a tasteful and glamorous feel, and will look great alongside a mix of mercury glass décor.

Beautiful and botanical floral pumpkins

Floral Pumpkins

A not-so-traditional twist to your fall tablescape, these gorgeous floral pumpkins make an impressive centerpiece. For those of you who'd rather keep the DIY pumpkin projects on the easy side, check out this tutorial and learn how to create your own floral pumpkin masterpiece. The arrangement options are seemingly endless, whether you go faux or opt for something unique like live plants. Go for the wow-factor by placing live succulents inside the top creating an incredibly beautiful pumpkin planter. Guaranteed, your lush botanical pumpkins will be all anyone talks about at your next dinner party.

High-shine glass pumpkins

Glass Pumpkin

An instant way to go refreshingly unexpected with pumpkin decor is to change the material they’re made out of. A glass pumpkin, for example, is an incredibly beautiful and elevated look. The high-gloss finish also creates an abstract and modern styling. Placing them throughout your home alongside tapered candlesticks and other votives will enhance the overall look of your gleaming display.

Scenic luminary pumpkins

Nature Scene Pumpkin Carving

For a more sophisticated take on the carved pumpkin- go with an unexpected motif like the breathtaking mountain scene in the pic above. This creative and unique approach to pumpkin carving will definitely make all who pass by do a double take! Lack the artistic skills? These pumpkin carving stencils will help. :) Another beautiful and very easy carving idea is to use a drill with different sized drill bits to poke holes into the pumpkin. Place a candle or light inside, and you just created yourself a gorgeous and illuminated starry sky.

Plush velvet pumpkins

Velvet Pumpkins

If you’re looking to go a bit luxe this fall season, take a peek at these gorgeous velvet pumpkins. With a touchable, soft texture and a moody vibe, it's the perfect way to bring on the elegance and sophistication. Be sure to layer several different sizes and colors to keep it cohesive, and don’t forget to set out a few shimmering candles or a few faux branches to prevent it from looking too heavy.

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