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Black and White Doesn't Have To Be Boring - Style Tips For Decorating with a Monochrome Palette

Decorating with a limited color scheme is an understated but very stylish way to pull your space together, but we certainly understand that it can be challenging. How do you keep things from looking really blah or too similar? Check out a few of our styling tips below:

Start with a Statement Piece

Choose a statement piece like these credenzas to really anchor your space, and mix it up in the surroundings to keep it from looking too heavy. The key is to create balance so this is a perfect look to copy if you have white colored walls and lots of natural light. Lighter wood finishes will also help keep the space looking fresh and airy.

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Mix it Up

Restricting your wall art to a black and white color palette ensures everything is cohesive, but you’ll need to mix things up to keep it interesting. Once you have a statement piece in place, use plants, art prints and other accent pieces to bring more dimension to the space. A hanging planter will give your setup a fresh vibe, while greenery is a subtle way to inject a bit of color into the mix. We firmly believe that you can never have enough plants, so go crazy.

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Bend the Rules

Sometimes the move from a color palette with more variety to a stark black and white can feel a bit drastic, we get it. To ease you into this new look or to more seamlessly blend it in with your current home decor, you can certainly incorporate pieces that have subtle hues. We recommend using small home accessories like throw pillows or acrylic trays to work in your color. The benefit is that they’re easy to move around and switch up until you’re ready to totally commit to the monochrome look.

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