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4 Quick Tips For Creating A Space You'll Love

Take Care of Your Space and Your Space Will Take Care of You

Modern Home Decor

1. Make Your Bedroom a Haven

Your bedroom deserves your attention- it's where you spend a good portion of your life and shouldn't that time be spent well? You can easily create a space that inspires dreams and eases the mind and body to a relaxing and restorative state with calming color, cozy pillows and interesting artwork. Think about adding a serving tray as a fun accent to your credenza or side table, plus it's a good excuse to have breakfast in bed.

Modern Home Decor

2. Think About Color

Color is amazing, it can quickly, yet powerfully change your mood. There are plenty of scientific studies on this, but the most important thing is to know how it changes and moves you. Pay attention to how certain colors in art makes you feel—are you drawn to high contrast black and white pieces or do you prefer vivid, bold tones? Does a feeling of joy and liveliness come over you when you look at warm yellow or orange colors? You can use these feelings to inform your color scheme and home decor choices.

Modern Home Accessories

3. Plant It

Greenery in a home is a must. Plants can make any space look fresh and alive, plus they are excellent air purifiers. If you don't exactly have a green thumb, good plant choices include Snake plants, Parlor palms and Aloe vera. Even the bleakest space can be brought to life with the help of plants. We love the plants at Thrive & Co - they have the cutest selection of succulents, cacti and indoor plants.

Modern Home Accessories

4. Clear Away Clutter

Organization is not exactly at the top of everyone's fun list, but it is always worth it for the pay off. Pretty acrylic boxes and trays do double duty as they corral your clutter while seamlessly accenting the design of any room. Credenzas are another good option for storage - whether it's used for your neatly stacked dishware or for quickly shoving in odds and ends before guests arrive.

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