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3 Trending Colors to Boost Your Mood

Studies have shown that the colors you surround yourself with can impact the way you feel, so there's a reason those boring, blank walls are making you feel a bit down and unmotivated. So, what's the solution? Surround yourself with these three trending colors that will rev up your home and lift your mood in a flash.

1. Sunshine Yellow

One glance at this vibrant color and you immediately feel lighter and more joyful. Yellow has always been associated with feelings of optimism and happiness and is beautiful in a myriad of tones. Design tip- it's best to use this color in small doses, so go for a decorative pillow or a home accessory such as a serving tray to lighten the mood in the space.

Our Picks:

2. Soft Blue

Prefer cooler hues? Try a soft blue, a color that clears the mind and even helps you chill out by lowering your blood pressure. It’s also associated with peace and contentment, which is more than ideal for any home. Design tip- you might want to lean more toward the warmer blue tones to keep your space from looking too frigid.

Our Picks:

3. Sage Green

Here’s a fantastic option if you’re starting with a darker color scheme. Sage green eases restlessness, lowers anxiety and promotes feelings of calmness. It should come as no surprise then that adding touches of green (houseplants included!) can boost your mood while livening up your space.

Our Picks:

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